I salute the soul in you!

I welcome you into my world...

Dear Friend

Thank you for visiting my website. 

To me this is dream come true, and one which has been birthed steadily over the last five years, when I resigned as Librarian, in order to follow my dream.  It resulted in what I call my fool's journey, and then the discovery of the immensity of Being, itself.

It has been a remarkable journey, and it will culminate, in what I call my MASTER KEY books, which seem to be an ongoing process.

In the way of going on this journey of discovery, I have been reunited with many profound aspects of my own soul and HIGHER soul self, and in the process I rediscovered the ability to tap into the SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS field, where I get the information for my books, and also for my soul readings.

I hope that you will join me on my fool's journey, by reading some of what I have shared here.

You can also read my other writings on my blog:  http://www.judithkusel.wordpress.com

You can contact me at judithkusel@gmail.com

Or see my daily updates;  judith.kusel@facebook.com



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DONE Sending...

lisa vogeli | Reply 29.03.2014 22.54

Hi Judith
I resolved the pay pal..challenge. Your first pymt is in your acct.
thank you..again..Blessings..

Manoj Joshi | Reply 25.03.2014 06.11

I admire your feelingful salute.Being your librarian gave a great boost all around reading in variety.Agree that you get support from SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS field

Judith | Reply 21.03.2014 19.40

Thank you Rose - always sharing from my heart and soul and infinite blessed when it touches yours. Much Love Light and infinite blessings, Judith.

Rose | Reply 21.03.2014 17.41

Hi Judith
thank you for all the time that you take to write,your writing is helping many people understand that we are more then a tittle,our job .etc

Phoebe Crain | Reply 17.03.2014 15.22

Aloha Judith :) Your knowledge & words are so enlightening & uplifting & inspiring! Thank you for following your universal calling & path.☆Namaste☆ Phoebe Crain

Judith 17.03.2014 18.08

Thank you Phoebe - I can do no other but follow my highest soul calling with all that I am and thank you for your thank you! I means so much to me.

Judith | Reply 13.02.2014 09.27

Hi Frederic, lovely of you to visit here and you are welcome. Much Love Light and infinite blessings, Judith

Mark Cedric Feddersen | Reply 13.02.2014 00.46

Hi Judith!
My name is mark and i write you from Brazil.On my way to learn more about life,spirituality I found your website!
Keep in touch,Mark Feddersen .

Connie Ashby | Reply 29.01.2014 21.08

Very nice and insightful ...TY Connie <3

silkie | Reply 29.12.2013 09.29

where do I find the book of "Gospel of Love of the Cathars? "

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16.04 | 19:59

No Words.......its sooooo wonderful, i want be part of superb White Flame ❤️❤️❤️

12.04 | 19:53

Thank you for this massive scholarship on my beingness!

08.04 | 02:17

So often we end up being the Wounded Healers, for we tend to open our hearts.... We cannot bear to see other’s suffering, yet so very often end up suffering ourselves.... Yet, strangely, it through our own wounds that we heal others....

08.04 | 00:47

what a special day today...your song echoes deep in my heart...beyond joy for finding you here <3<3<3

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