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  • Marriage, Twin flames, soul mates

    Musings on Marriage, Twin flames, Soul Mates and commitment....

    I was asked a simple question yesterday, and it set me thinking….. Yet, not quite thinking, per se, but rather a musing, a deep and profound musing....

    Since I started my Twin flame Soul Readings, (a friend prompted me to do this...

  • Awakening to the higher states of consciousness

    Awakening to the higher states of consciousness

    How does one awaken to the higher states of consciousness?
    I am often asked this question by many of you.
    To me it is a process, for essentially awakening comes, then one starts asking questions, about why one is here on this planet, the meaning of...

  • Illumined Twin Flames and reunion

    The Illuminated TwinFlames and re-union in 2013 - 2024

    In the beginning of all time, when the first soul and soul groups were birthed, a lot of these new souls that were born decided to take on Androgynous form... thus the male and female in one body.....

    As a soul consists of pure energy, and...

  • Twinflame Love

    Twin Flames, Sacred Union and sexual energies

    In the mists of time, when the Divine Source was birthed, the very first union, between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine occurred…. And thus the first SACRED union between two ENERGIES – the MASCULINE and FEMININE occurred, and with it...

  • Twinflame and bliss

    Musings on Love and being loved in return

    Twinflame - and blissful union

    When life and love become one and the same, then we have infinite ways of experessings love.

    It is not just the first moment when we look into the eyes of another and a deep recognition daws, but it is when the soul...

  • Cosmic Changes

    Rising frequencies and expanded cosmic Being

    Imagine a huge energy field, 100 billion times the size of Planet Earth, moving in on us… It has been in the Milky Way Galaxy for some time, and it is a massive, vortex like energy, which is oval in form, and which is vibrating at an enormously high...

  • The New Children Part 8

    The New Children - My experiences

    The New Children: Part 8

    I care very deeply about these children, and nothing would give me greater joy than to try and help them to spread their light into the world and to help them – so that their true genius will be identified, and nurtured from a very...

  • The New Children Part 7

    The New Children - Education and Music

    Education of the New Children and Music:

    In many parts of the world children are often considered to be chattels. Often parents expect their children to conform to their ideas and way of life and so they control them. Few truly regard their children as...

  • The Children Part 6

    The New Children and the unicorn connection

    The New Children: Unicorn Connection!

    Babies and children are open to spirit and especially to fairies and unicorns. This is why so many children’s toys are decorated with unicorns as well as playful fairies.

    Now that there are so many indigo,...