Why I was born in Africa - Paperback Version

This book is unlike anything you have ever read in your life before and will lead you on a spellbinding journey of discovery alongside Judith!

“Why I was born in Africa” sprouted into being, when the author asked herself why she had been born in Africa in 2004, amidst the deepest dark night of the soul.  She had no inkling then that this question would lead her on the greatest journey of discovery in her entire life, and, indeed change her forever.

Africa lifted the veils of amnesia, as Judith started tapping into the Ancient and Hidden beginnings of this planet.  Climbing into her car and travelling to wherever she was led to, in her quest to find the truth, she started tapping into the Crystal Pyramids and Crystalline Pyramid Grids, the Sphinxes, the Lightning Rod of the Earth, and massive energy fields and centres.

During her journey, she discovered the true and untold history of Elysium - the first Supercontinent od highly advanced beings – and that of the second civilisation that inhabited Earth -  the Lion Kingdom. 

This book is designed to take you step-by-step on the most spell-binding and amazing journey of discovery alongside her.  It is beautifully illustrated with maps, photos, sketches and intriguing original information, which will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, as you experience Africa, and planet Earth, far beyond anything you have ever seen or read about before!

Biographical details:  Judith Küsel is a visionary, author, Pyramid Grid Activator and Soul Reader.  She possesses the ability to tap into the Cosmic Superconsciousness Energy Fields and bring forth Ancient Cosmic Knowledge.  Her Soul readings have positively impacted the lives of thousands of people across the globe and assisted them to live their highest Soul purpose and calling.

 Her first book, “SOUL EMPOWERMENT”’ has reached bestseller status in three categories on Amazon and has been reprinted.  She has taken it upon her own soul to delve ever deeper into the very mystery of life itself.

 Her inspirational writing has touched the hearts and souls of people globally and her writing has been translated into French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, and other languages.  She is a frequent guest on various internal and leading US talk radio and TV blog shows. Judith conducts local and international seminars attended by people from all over the world.  This is her second book.

 Judith has decided, to sell the book directly on her website, so that she can keep track of to whom this book goes to, and to INFUSE it with Love, Light and Blessings, to that only positive energy is infused into the book.  She did not wish this book to be in an un-personal environment, or as just another book on shelves of bookstores, or just another book for sale on Amazon. 

She wanted every single soul who bought and read the book, to experience the same sense of wonder and awe she felt when she was retrieving information and visiting the sites.

Book Review:

Why I was born in Africa by Judith Kusel

Learn about the discovery of humanities first beginnings on Earth dating back millions of years, far beyond the faint sketching’s of Lemuria and Atlantis. 

This nonfiction book reveals the history of ancient civilizations; of the first civilization on earth -   Elysium and the Lion Kingdom (beginnings of Ancient Egypt).

Judith describes her incredible journey, both inner and outer, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual to the Heart of Truth of ancient wisdom.

She takes you, with her gifts of inner seeing and feeling, on a voyage to unearth and recognize that the Earth holds caves, clues, portals and structures, on land and in the oceans of our real true history from Africa to Antarctica. 

Judith as an Energy Channel and Healer integrates higher frequencies within herself first. Then with the assistance of the Ancient Ones, Great White Brotherhood, Guardians and Keepers of the Land, Divine and Cosmic Councils of Light, Elohim and other Divine Beings, she opens, purifies, activates, anchors and amplifies specific structures within the Earth. These structures consist of energy portals, pyramid energy grids, the chakra system of the Earth and Sun Discs etc.

The electromagnetic power grids of Earth for the whole of the Southern Hemisphere - Africa to Antarctica – have been activated to begin the Illumination of Planet Earth.

Judith also functions as an Activator of Ancient Codes and Keys of Wisdom. Perhaps you will experience some of these as you follow her journey to physical sites and in other cases inter-dimensionally.  

When I read the Epilogue out loud to my wife and a friend, as an Earth Guardian and Protector of the Feminine, I experienced many emotions as if I had been present to what Judith described.

Do you desire to know Humanities True history? Then read this book as it is unique in its genre.

Michael David Lawrience, Sedona Arizona 2017

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