Crystal Code Activation Webinar


This two hour webinar will focus on the activation of the Crystal Keys and Codes, as the Green and Gold and Aquamarine Rays are now streaming in.

Immense cosmic changes are pouring in, and these crystal keys and codes, when activated, will help to raise your vibrational frequency and to bring your higher Soul Self in alignment with your Soul Group frequency to a much higher degree, as we open the transmitter channels more

With this webinar I will:

*  We will work on the higher healing of the base and throat chakras.

*  Do deep cleansing and clearing meditation and do a "God and the Cosmic and Planetary Hierarchy "Higher Light Body Activation" meditaiton.

* I will provide you with powerful Ascension Tools which you can use every morning and night, to not only strengthen your energy fields and your connection to the "I Am Presence"  but also help you to cope with daily life which is challenging to all of us at the moment. 

* With it comes deeper healing and higher alignment with your soul, and its highest soul purpose and mission.

* A deeper connection with the Cosmic Hierarchy and a Transmission by the Lord Melchizedek, and the High Order of Melchizedek. 

* At the same time, opens the heart center more, so that we can align with the Cosmic Heart, planetary heart and pure unconditional love - indeed the Power of Love.

Duration:  + - 2 hours.

When?  Sunday, 29 March 2020

Time?  6 pm South African Time

How?  Via Zoom.   With receipt of payment you will receive confirmation of your registration and will receive the Zoom link.

Space is limited to 25 People.  

Availability: In Stock