Higher Healing Webinars


The Spinal Column as Lightning Rod and the Higher Light Bridge as Soul Communication Centers.

I am being led to teach you some vital information regarding this intense time, when the White Flame of Purification is busy making its presence felt, as it is in process of being fully returned to humanity at this momentous time.

The White Flame works intense with the clearing of the spinal column - all 33 octaves of this.

With it, comes needs to come the fullness of the activation or creation if you like, of the higher Light Bridge, as the Spinal Column acts as a Lightning Rod, within the Light Bridge.

What I will share here is for those who truly seek to activate the full powers of the souls, their soul mission and purpose, and step into the fullness of their Being.

For there needs to be a total emptying of the Old Adam, the Old Eve.

Only an empty vessel can be filled.  

When?  Saturday, 25 July 2020 

Where?  Zoom, the link will be given once you have registered.

Time?   6 pm South African Time.

Cost?  $100.00 for a +- 2 hours session.  This includes a recording of the session plus notes. Please have a pen and paper ready as you will need to make notes for yourself and do some exercises.

Note:  Space is limited, please book early to avoid disappointment.

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