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True Love and Loving Relationships:  The New and Higher Levels of Love and being Loved

I am so often asked about love and loving relationships, especailly the Twin Flame Relationship.

My Book "True Love and Sacred Union:  An Ode to Love and Being Loved" has 5-star status on Amazon and is available on my website as well. 

In lieu of the many emails I get and with regard to my Twin Flame Soul Readings, I am offering this webinar, to assist all of you who are in a relationship and truly wish to deepen it, or make sense of challenges within it, or who are not currently in a relationship but so yearn for one.  

I will go deeply into the dynamic of relationships - and how all relationships indeed embrace both support and challenge.  More than this, as we are in the midst of the greatest dimensional and soul shifts which ever happened on planet earth, the New and much Higher Quantum Dimensional Relationships. I am being told time and again by my own Higher Guidance, that relationships will undergo quantum changes in the next few weeks, months and years and we are going into a much higher type of loving relationship, indeed much deeper, truer and higher.

Included is a deep Sacred Heart Rose opening as well as a deep healing of the Sacral area in both men and women. 

During this session, I will share from the depths of my heart and soul and deepest knowing within. 

By attending this seminar you stand the chance to win a FREE copy of my book: "True Love and Sacred Union: An Ode to Love and being Loved." 

When?  Sunday, 1 November 2020

Where?  Zoom, the link will be given once you have registered.

Time?   6 pm South African Time.

Cost?  $100.00 for a +- 2 hours session.  This includes a recording of the session. Please have a pen and paper ready if you wish to take notes.

Note:  Space is limited, please book early to avoid disappointment.

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