I have been asked by many people if I would accept donations towards the printing and publishing of my book “Why I was born in Africa – the true and untold history of Africa and first ever civilization on planet Earth”

After my appearance on the “Bob Charles radio show” where I talk about this book and the retrieval work I have been doing, I had a lot of requests from people who asked me if they could not donate money towards my books and my retrieval work.

I invested every cent I owned into travelling and retrieving this information and will have to do some more of this in the future. The publishers will not touch my work, as it is revolutionary and a lot what I write about is ahead of the time, and will only be fully understood in about five years time. I intend to self-publish this book, as well as my other books, and therefore am paying for all of this out of my pocket. All of this in higher service to mankind.

As the Africa book is revolutionary and very important, it is vital that this gets publish now. It is the first of a series of 13 books, which will bring in ancient knowledge, technology and how to tap into the Super consciousness field.

Whatever donations come in, then will be used to the editing and printing of my books. Whatever is not used, I will channel into further travelling and research, as I will have to travel up the southeastern coast of Africa, and to Egypt and from there to France, for the next phase of the retrieval work I have to do for the planet. Ultimately this will benefit the whole of the Africa enormously, and will bring in a totally new perspective and vision of the importance of the southern hemisphere as it holds the most important key codes for mankind at large.