Soul Empowerment Level 1

Introduction to the Higher Realms:

In this introductory Course, I introduce you to the 354 Levels of Divinity up to the Divine Source, and I give you tools to use for life, while opening up, slowly and surely your third eye and higher transmitter channels.  I introduce you to the angelic realms, the Archangels and give an Archangelic Invocation, the Elohim and Elohim Counsels, the Mighty I am Presence - the Avatar of Synthesis, The Ascended Masters, and help you to open up your 12 Charkras and the Soul Star.  

The Monad, the Mighty I AM Presence, the Avatar of Synthesis, the Mahatma,  The 352 Levels of Divinity,  Angels, Archangels, Elohim, Ascended Masters, the Cosmic, Universal, Galactic Hierarchy, the12 and 24 Elders who surround the Throne of God, the Male and Female aspect of the Godhead and the threefold flame of Love, Power and Wisdom.

6 x week course @ $84 U.S. Dollars per week Total:  R500.00.  I includes written lessons I email to you every week, and one Skype session per week, which is recorded for your convenience. 


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