Mission Statement

To serve humanity, with truthfulness, authenticity, and integrity in all and every way as best I can. To learn and teach at the Highest Levels, to open up the Ancient Energy Centers and to transmit the Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom into writing and recordings to share with the world. Most of all to be a huge Beacon of Love and Light to the World.

Her Upbringing

Judith Küsel was born in Paulpietersburg, a small village in the north-western parts of KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa. In an area steeped in history and historical events. She enjoyed a happy and carefree childhood, mainly outdoors where she explored all the joys of life in a rural village to her heart’s desire. 

Judith’s long and noted service as a librarian laid the foundations for her lively interest in so many aspects of life on planet earth and she travelled far and wide with her job, exposing her to even more of the vastness, the beauty, the culture and mystery of her beloved country. After many dedicated years in this field, she was ousted from her job and she resigned in May 2008, deciding to live her dream and discover actually why she was born in Africa and to write the book she always dreamt of writing, not wishing to die unfulfilled.

In September 2009 she embarked on a journey in the South-eastern parts of South Africa, to retrieve vital information for the planet in her search for the answer to her question, why she had been born in Africa. Her travels facilitated so many fantastical and fascinating events with mind-boggling experiences along the way. Her further quest for adventure had her teaching English and Kindergarten in Doha, Qatar for a year which was a massive learning curve, as she finally understood why op many great Masters had to sojourn into the desert in order to gain a deeper understanding and delve ever deeper within. When she returned to Africa in 2011, her appreciation and love for her own country and people knew no bounds. Most of all she cherished her freedom as a woman.


Her Works

In recent years, by sharing her inspirational writings and the experiences of Africa in every way possible, she has reached thousands globally. Her ability to tap into the Super-consciousness field and to read soul records has culminated in her Twin flame and Soul readings, which have assisted souls globally to understand themselves better and most of all to start living soul empowered lives. Her highest aspiration is to return the ancient and lost knowledge and technology to the planet with her writings and Master Key books and to teach people how to tap into the Super-consciousness field.

Her Twin Flame Relationships and Sacred Union writings and teachings have reached a global audience, as has her first book: SOUL EMPOWERMENT which contains specialized information about Twin Flames. This book has reached bestseller status on Amazon in three categories and continues to rise. She focuses on the sacredness of this soul/body union and the mystical aspect of this process- drawing deeply from the Ancient Mystery Schools hidden inner teachings... 

Her book “Why I was born in Africa: the untold and previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom’ is making waves globally, ushering shifts in consciousness with global awareness of what lies truly hidden right under our noses, in technology and knowledge we now will have to remember how to reactivate and utilize.

Recent and Current Works

Her recent book"  "True love and Sacred Union: An Ode to Love and being Loved", has 5-star status on Amazon.

She is currently busy transmitting and writing a new book which will form the last part of her next major work on France.
She grows in popularity and followers every day as her works are shared worldwide.