Soul Empowerment Level 4


The Level IV course is for all of those who completed the Soul Empowerment Level I III Courses. The Level IV Course brings the Full Soul Empowerment, Unity, Harmony and ATONENESS with the Mighty I AM THAT I AM, within. The Soul Source Self, and thus the full empowerment as the Source Self, experiencing life in a much higher dimensional frequency level.“To be in this world but not OF it!”When one is so firmly rooted in Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Wisdom and Power within, one starts living and operating at a much higher frequency band. One is ATONE with All-That-IS and thus starts embracing the Archangelic, Angelic and Ascended Master SOUL SOURCE Self, the Divinity within. The true embodiment of the Source. 

During this time of immense chaos and dramatic changes, it is the Soul Empowered Source YOU, which into being. You have transcended the Old Adam, and Old Eve and are now ready to fully step into the Mighty I AM SOURCE SOUL SELF. You literally merge with Source and thus you are everything and everything is you. This is the ultimate state of Being. 

The course contains 6 Lessons which includes 6 Zoom teaching sessions every week, which is recorded by Judith Kusel.
This course starts Monday, 26 October 2020. Price: $500.00 U.S. Dollars.

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