The White Flame of Illumination Level 5 - Final Course

The White Flame of Illumination Levels 1 – IV Courses acted like an intense initiation into the state of Illumination from deep within you, your own soul.

The Level V course now completes the process, and thus the Level V Course, incorporates 9 lessons, instead of the normal 6.  This is because there are 33 lessons, in highest alignment with the 33 levels of initiation, as reflected in the spine, the tuning fork and lightning rod.

The Level V course is only for those who have done level 1 – IV, and now are thus stepping into the final initiations – thus completion.

During this Course we will go every deeper into the Attributes, the uses, and knowledge held within the White Flame, but now concentrate on the resurrection aspect of the White Flame as the New Earth is now fully here, and the New Crystalline Energy Grid is fully in place and the Temple of White Flame has been fully anchored into the New Earth.

Starting date:  13 June 2022

Duration:  9 weeks

Cost:  $500.00 U.S. Dollars.


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