The White Flame of Illumination


The White Flame of Illumination

The White Flame, the Divine Mother Flame of Purity, Clarity, Truth, Integrity, Love and indeed the Universal Christ Consciousness, has now been returned to us in full, the first time ever since the fall of Atlantis.

Furthermore, the White Flame is also known as the Ascension Flame and holds the Divine Feminine Keys and Codes, Knowledge and thus the Sacred Tones, Sacred Geometries, Physics, and Pyramid Energy. 

This course differs from the Soul Empowerment and other Courses, as I will be sharing with you from the deepest levels, through transmissions, through activations, and a profound transfigurations process which will develop, as and when I am guided and moved, to do this with you.  This course will also work intensely with the Spinal Column, the Lightning Rod.

Additionally, we will be working with the White Flame Keys and Codes, the Power of Love, and the Flames of Illumination and Purity.

Course Duration is 6 weeks and includes weekly recorded two hour Zoom Sessions.

Please note that I will restrict the number of participants to 33. Please register before 30 September 2022. 

Starting Date:  Monday, 3 October 2022

Registration Fee:  $500.00 U.S. Dollars (which is $83.33 per week) which includes notes and a weekly Zoom transmission session.


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