Birthday or Follow Up Soul Readings


The Birthday Reading is for those who have birthdays in May, June and July and they can choose whether they wish to have a  Twin Flame Soul Reading OR a combination of both.

The Follow Up Soul Reading is only for those who have had a reading with me before.

 Please note that due to high demand for my Soul Readings I am booked four to six months in advance. 

 Please note:  Due to increased demand for Soul and Twin Flame Soul Readings I am fully booked until end of July when I am leaving for the USA tour and seminars.  From now on I will schedule the reading bookings in from November 2020 and until the 16 December 2020 and then into January 2021.

Therefore please note that there is waiting list and I schedule in the readings as I receive the bookings. 


NB: My readings are non-refundable.  Terms and conditions apply as set out elsewhere in my website.




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