Diamond Soul Reading


This reading focuses on the SOUL, its highest calling and purpose and why it incarnated onto planet earth.

Your Soul has a Divine name given to it at its soul birth. This name lists the soul attributes or soul gifts, which the soul has to experience, master, and then reflect back to the Divine, as the Divine experience life through the soul's experiences.

The soul forms part of a Soul Group or Monad and the name of the group is given, as well as galaxy of origin. When you reconnect with your galaxy of origin, you will reconnect to your cosmic soul roots, which is multidimensional.

Add to this the tonal chord and the soul colours.

The reading will then focus on why the reason you incarnated onto this planet at this time. Before you incarnated you signed a soul contract and this will affect the way your life unfolds.
If you had past lives where you were persecuted for living your soul purpose and calling, there might be blockages or fears in this lifetime, from fully stepping into your mission.
Most souls I have done these readings for, and from the feedback I receive, have felt and intense homecoming to their soul selves, through the reading, and it has positively impacted on their lives. So often they recognized the profound truth within themselves, and therefore then a recognition at a very deep and profound level.

Once one regains the profound connection to the soul, one truly can live Soul Empowered lives - empowered from the deep knowledge of the soul, which is cosmic and not earthly bound.
I transmit the soul records held at the Divine Source in the Superconsiousness energy fields. I do them in writing and email them to you once the reading has been completed.

Please note that due to high demand for my Soul Readings I am booked up to four months in advance. 

 Therefore please note that there is waiting list and I schedule in the readings as I receive the bookings. 

Please note: - These readings are NOT refundable.  It is your own free will and choice to have one.

Terms and Conditions apply as set out in my website.



Soul Purpose – the primary reasons why the soul has chosen to be on this planet at this time. It is about YOU.

Meaning and purpose – what gifts, talents and abilities, unique to your soul, have you come to gift this planet with at this time.

How can you live a soul empowered life, congruent to your highest soul purpose and then live this with all your heart and soul.

A lot of the souls who incarnated at this time are volunteer souls and have never incarnated onto this planet before – they might feel like they do not belong. They have tremendous gifts and talents and new technology to return to the planet.

If you have an illness or were born with certain impediments, then this reading will give you the reason why and how this is serving your soul in many ways.

This is truly an amazing gift you have give to yourself and life enhancing.

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