Platinum Twin Flame Soul Readings


Twin Flame Soul Readings focus on RELATIONSHIPS and I do them in WRITING as I TRANSMIT the Soul Records and have no recall of them afterwards. 

The Platinum soul reading concentrates mainly on relationships, and therefore goes deeply into SOUL relationships. 

The Readings answer the WHY's, the HOW'S and often the deep underlying patterns and history of the soul’s lifetime after lifetimes, especially with their Twin Flame and of course Soul Mates. From the feedback I receive from all over the world, relationships deepened, and often new love was found at a much deeper level, with more understanding as to why one is reacting in such a way, and what the ignited energies are all about.

Some souls have been together for many lifetimes - apart from the Twin Flame Soul Relationship (of the SAME SOUL) or SOUL MATE Relationship of the SAME SOUL GROUP.  Therefore both will trigger a deep recognition the minute you look into their eyes, for the shape of the face remains more or less the same overall lifetimes on earth.  Sometimes when I look at people's faces they will shift into their original SOUL Light body face, which will reflect the similarities.

When we meet someone for the first time, there can be an immediate sense of familiarity and a deep sense of recognition from the moment we look into their eyes as soul recognizes soul.  Sometimes it can feel like one has known each other forever, and indeed if it is a Twin Flame that is so, for they are part and parcel of your own soul.  You have 12 Soul Flames, and therefore at this time, more than one may be incarnated.

The Twin Flame Relationship is one that brings out the best and the worst in both parties - and often the added impact of the energies and kindled sexual fires will burn the edges off each partner until they return to the pure unconditional love for themselves and the Divine Other and to completeness within.  The sacred union between these two is profound, but also in a higher sense a path on its own, which takes dedication and a deep understanding at a soul level.  My readings often provide the keys and more insight to that which they were committed to render in the highest service work here on planet earth.  When the deeper and hidden meaning comes to the fore, tears of recognition fall as something profound within is triggered.

SOUL MATE relationships are often much easier to handle, for one is with a kindred soul who often brings that beautiful tenderness and companionship which grows closer over the years, mainly because it is most often less charged as the Twin Flam relationship.  It is then also blessed in a different way to Twin Flames, with stability and steadfastness which is a blessing on its own.

However, sometimes people THINK they have met their Twin, or are in a relationship with one, or are in a relationship and then meet their Twin Flame.  My readings point at the current relationship (which often are karmic resulting from dowry agreements, marriage contracts, and whatever else residue from past lives) and the potential partnership.

Once we understand the underlying patterns and intricate weaving of souls, we can take positive action steps, which usher in much deeper and lasting love.

In your soul contracts, you will be contracted to meet those souls in this lifetime, with whom you still have karmic links and created relationship patterns formed in past lives – whether twin-flames, soul mates or not. These readings provide you with immense insight into why this person(s) is in your life and what lessons you have to master which are mostly lessons in pure love. For those who have not as yet met their Twin flame, it will provide information regarding that soul, and if it has incarnated or not.

NB!  It is best to do a reading for BOTH souls (if you are in a relationship) separately, as each soul is unique, with its own exceptional soul calling and purpose, and soul memory bank.

Please note:    Due to increasingly high demand for my Twin Flame Soul Readings, I am booked five to six months in advance. 

Therefore please note that there is a waiting list and I schedule in the readings as I receive the bookings. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  My readings are non-refundable.  Terms and conditions apply as set out elsewhere in my website.



  • Twin-flame, soul mate or not
  • Relationships
  • Karmic links and patterns created
  • Patterns created which repeat themselves lifetime after lifetime
  • Why a relationship is challenged
  • What lessons you have to master
  • Love – in all its nuances and expressions: what that means for your soul

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