Soul Readings for Children and Young Adults up to the Age of 18


I have done readings for new-born babies, toddlers, and older children and in all cases the parents came back to me, filled with gratitude and greater understanding.

Indeed, knowing why their children incarnated, their soul attributes and of their innate genius, enabled them to help them in ways they could not have done before. Certainly, it gave them insight and wisdom, to guide the child lovingly to express its essential virtuosity.

The Sun Children who were born since 2012, are the new Human race and they have never before incarnated onto this planet. They indeed, ARE the New Golden Age and need special assistance and so much love and understanding.

Young adults are often overwhelmed and in due course will need guidance towards a deeper remembering of the truth of who and what they really are and their eternal origins. These are the young souls, many of whom have never incarnated before, and thus are often deeply disturbed and puzzled by life on earth, yet simultaneously without a doubt, these souls are very much mission orientated and know that they have come in for a higher purpose.

This may indeed be the greatest gift you could ever give your child or young adult for life, the chance to orient themselves from an early age towards their actual soul mission as pioneers of this New Golden Age.

Please note:  Children under the age of five - the parents can decide for them.  From the age of five onwards, they can decide for themselves whether they wish to have a reading done or not.  Please ASK them first, before you make a booking, as I am not allowed to tap into their Soul Records without their permission.

Note that my Readings are fully booked four to six months in advance.

Therefore please note that there is a waiting list from 6 months to a year and I schedule in the readings as I receive the bookings. 

 VERY IMPORTANT:  My readings are non-refundable.  Terms and conditions apply as set out elsewhere in my website.



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