The Children Part 6

The New Children and the unicorn connection

children unicornThe New Children: Unicorn Connection!

Babies and children are open to spirit and especially to fairies and unicorns. This is why so many children’s toys are decorated with unicorns as well as playful fairies.

Now that there are so many indigo, rainbow, sun and crystal children being born who are the enlightened ones carrying a very high frequency, unicorns are connecting to them and teaching them before birth. Their spirits gather in a small group of six or seven for instruction in the inner planes. Occasionally they teach a large class.

The unicorns have always connected pre-birth with those who have a special mission to further the progress of humanity in some way. They implant a star in their aura so that when the individual enter the cloudy negativity of Earth their light can be pinpointed. The angels and unicorns make a special effort to locate and assist these children.

They place five pointed stars in the auras of those souls who are striving to perfect themselves so that they can, through their own growth, help others. They place six pointed ones in the auras of those with a vision to bring heaven to Earth.

A few, who have been specially trained, are distinguished with a seven pointed star, so that they can lead an ascension team.

Another reason for the close pre-birth supervision and education of the enlightened children from other galaxies, constellations and star systems, as so many cannot cope with the heave vibrations of Earth. On occasions part of their soul withdraws resulting in what doctors call autism or autistic tendencies. Unicorn energy can help them stay grounded in our reality.

I know a little girl who lives on the edge. She is excitable, sometimes withdrawn and be quite challenging to handle. Her mother enrolled her in a ballet class with her friends but the child refused to join in. The little girl explained that while she loved the Angelia Ballerina Stories and reading about ballet she did not want to do so. So her mother offered the child a horse riding lesson and she was enthusiastic.

Apparently, at the first lesson the little girl sat on the horse for half an hour while the trainer led the animal round. She went into a state of blissful trance and did not want to dismount. The mood lasted long after they had gone home. And each week it was the same. Just being in contact with the horse took her into another space where she found peace and stillness.

I believe this special child was able to make connection with unicorn energy while she was on the horse and this enabled her to feel safe and belonging. It was her time for special connection.

Flavia-Kate, who works with unicorns, wrote: “It was the children who first noticed the unicorns around me. I give talks to groups and often people bring their children along. Children can be quite spiritually sighted and it was a joy when some often ran up to me at the end of a session and shouted, with excitement, “we can see your unicorns!’

Sometimes as I lie in bed preparing for sleep I visualize myself taking my grandchildren who are two and five at the time of writing to a beautiful sacred garden, where we meet the unicorns. Then we ride on their backs and they take us to the unicorn kingdom. At first we rode together on one huge unicorn then gradually they started to ride their own little unicorns. Once in the seventh heaven they play with the great creatures and receive pure energy, healing and tuition. I believe that at some level their spirits are with me and it feels like a gift of love to take them with me.


Light a candle each morning and ask unicorns to go to specific children. You do not necessarily need to know them but your active thoughts create a bridge of light which makes it easier for the unicorns to connect with some of them.

(from: Diana Cooper: “The wonder of the Unicorns” Findhorn Press)