The New Children Part 7

The New Children - Education and Music

New children 7Education of the New Children and Music:

In many parts of the world children are often considered to be chattels. Often parents expect their children to conform to their ideas and way of life and so they control them. Few truly regard their children as unique souls whose individual talents need to be nurtured.

They are handed over sometimes to questionable or immature babysitters and put in schools where they may be bullied, crammed with boring and sometimes wrong information and where their souls are constricted and stultified.


As the 20 year period unfold education will become more suitable for children rather than adults who administer it. Huge schools built on the model of a business for the ego gratification of the politicians will no longer be considered suitable for the future generations as it dawns on humanity that we need to cherish our offspring. Community schools will replace the old schools and children will flower.

They will be taught less of other people’s ideas and their innate gifts will be drawn out more. Education will be right-and left-brain-balanced, with more creative expression and honest communication encouraged. These smaller local schools will allow contented, balanced and evolved children to emerge, ready for the GOLDEN AGE.


Harmonious sounds bring individuals into harmony. In schools music will be played to heal and soothe children so that they can learn more easily.